Thursday, September 15, 2016

W.A.L.T research information about our chosen Country!

W.A.L.T. Research  and write information about our country.

Description. Our class had to get into groups of six but there had to be three boys and three girls in my group I had Meihana, Maia, Caid, Mikaela, Quiana and I. We all had to coke and we chose our country in a group we chose Greece. After that week we had to research about our country and then we had to make a slide. This is my slide.   
Feedback.  I love all your information on your slide! 
Feedforward. We all had to coke and we chose our country? That doesn't make sense!

Success Criteria:
True and accurate information 
Your own words 
At least 5 sentences per slide 
Descriptive language 
At least 6 sub titled topics to talk about 
Sources of information 
Punctuation - Spelling, proofreading and editing

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  1. Kia Ora, I really like your bold headings and the way you have put the information into your own words. Maybe next time you could make sure all your sentences make sense. Ngā Mihi