Monday, August 8, 2016

Kei reria

W.A.L.T. Te Reo 

Description I worked with Mikaela and we made this poster. It's all about kei reira which means spot on. I drew the picture on the right at the top and Mikaela drew the other picture. We are both in the picture down the bottom. In the picture I showed Mikaela my test and she is saying kei reira, spot on. In my test I got a A-. "YAY"

You have set the poster out very well and everything is clear well done. I also like the different use of colours all over the poster as they make it appealing to look at.
Something you could do better next time is make sure everything is more neat. This would ensure that the poster as a whole is perfect and an enjoyment to look at for whoever is looking at it.
Here is Mikaela and I poster 


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